Other Uses

Our die cuts can be used in so many ways and can be purchased separately from the boxes.  Here's a few other ideas on how to use them.  So many creative ways to make them your own.

Gift Tags- Why not grab a die cut and use it for a simple but cute gift tag?

Favor Box- Need some quick party favors?  Try one of our die cuts on this store bought favor box.

Corporate Gifts- Our custom die cuts would be perfect to add that special personal touch to your gift.

Gift Bags- Any die cut could be used but wouldn't these be perfect for your next hoedown or shindig?

Metal pail or box- Simply add a magnet to the back of the die cut for this versatile decorative touch.

Plants- Some gifts don't need packaging.  Add a die cut to a plant or flower arrangement just to kick it up a notch.

Other Packaging- You can use our die cuts on pretty much any other packaging you might have.  Take that simple box and turn it into something special.

Wine Box- Another great use, especially around the holidays.  Who wouldn't love to receive a bottle of wine in something other than your standard boring gift bag.